Anjali Engineering Corporation


Crane Gearbox

ANJALI is the one of the leading Manufacturers of Crane Gearbox. We offer wide range of Gear Units suitable for any industrial application. As a result of continuous design improvement, innovative ideas, consistence quality and cost effectiveness. Today, we are well- known for producing high precision gears for wide variety of industrial applications.

Information Required For Selection Of Gear Unit

  • Type of model of gear unit suitable for application
  • Type of prime mover, its HP Rating and RPM
  • Required reduction ratio or output RPM of gear unit
  • Details of driven machine, actual power (HP) & speed (RPM) required
  • Detail of peak and shock load with magnitude & duration
  • Type of drive provided between I) Prime mover and reducer II) Reducer & Driven machine
  • Duration of working hours per day
  • Position of output shaft either horizontal or vertical
  • Position of shaft either Right or Left Hand with respect to input shaft or otherwise
  • Sketch of available space for gear box installation is preferable


Color customized
Gearing Arrangement Helical
Input Speed 1450 rpm
Rated Power 0.18-22 kW
Output Speed 6.3-142 rpm
Output Torque up to 4000 Nm