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Dummy Bars

We are a prime Manufacturer and Supplier of Dummy Bars from India. We manufacture Dummy Bar with gun metal bushes. Dummy Bar is used to transfer the necessary pulling force to the slab, poured in the open when the seal from the mold following. And rely on the straightening machine will be cooled by the mold leads to the casting mold by the secondary cooling zone to enable the straightening machine to the continuous casting billet to the direction of the conveyor; Dummy  Bar head from Dummy, and dummy transitional shaft is composed of three parts.

The Main Performance Parameters Dummy Bar Forms

  • Rigid dummy bar; section dummy bar : 150mm Ã� 150mm
  • Can be adapted to cross-section : 150mm Ã� 150mm, 165mm Ã� 225mm


Material Stainless steel
Plating Chrome
Type Casting Parts
Voltage 380 V
Weight Customized
Warranty 1 Year

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